It Just Keeps Being There

The point of life is love, but not this love. Not this conditional love. Not this rock it till the morning love. Not even this I love you as long as you’re successful or happy or un-addicted or faithful or pleasant love.

The sun doesn’t rise only on days when we behave. Gravity doesn’t hold us in place only if we’re helping others or being gracious. The tide doesn’t stop its eternal dance because we woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Life doesn’t stop because we don’t honor it.

So it is with love.

Love is the most natural force. The most primal force.

It just keeps being there. You don’t have to let it in. Shut your doors, pronounce your heart closed for business. Come at love with a hacksaw and a lifetime of brokenhearted intention.

It’ll still just keep being there.

There’s something so eternal, so unshakeable, so safe about love.

It just keeps being there.


When we’re sitting broken and alone, it still surrounds us.

Love just keeps being there.

Opening up my heart today to love–to God–to that essence that just keeps being there. Despite my foibles, my weird and useless circumlocution, running around the globe to find the one thing that has been there all along.

Whenever you’re ready, step into it. It’s there. If you’re not ready, just keep running. When you stop, it’ll be there too. No rush. Wherever you go, God will just keep being there.