Follow the Heartbreak

In a class discussion recently, a girl pointed out that most people don’t love themselves. I told her that I do; I genuinely love myself. She looked surprised, as if self-love were abnormal. The moment that haunts me though, is, on hearing my statement, a shy girl sitting in the circle mumbled a barely audible, “I don’t.” Her slumped body language supported the silent claim.

It broke my heart.

And it reminded me of why I’m here, on this planet today.

The things that break your heart are a reminder of your mission. When you don’t know what to do, go to the heartbreak. When you’re not sure if you even have a purpose, imagine the moment when that heartbreak is reversed.

Then you go and you try to bridge the gap. You tell her that you’ve been where she’s been. You become a little ray of hope in a world that can get too dark for comfort.

My mission is to help women uncover, nurture, and love their best selves.

What’s your mission? Go to the heartbreak. You just might find it there.