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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Your Character Arc

Often when we think about making sweeping changes to our lives, we hesitate.  Ego rears its ugly head again insisting that we are just fine the way we are right now, thank you very much. Changing our beliefs, our habits, our relationships, or our characteristics is an affront to the story of our past.

Better therefore to look at change as your own personal character arc.  You’re not changing that aspect of yourself.  You’re finishing it, completing it.  Yesterday’s you was essential to the beauty and vitality of the chapter that you are expressing today.  Being arrogant in the past was necessary to the character arc that is completed when humility is achieved.  Being a wallflower in the past was necessary to the power of the character arc that is realized when you walk out on that dance floor.  Reframing the change as completion of the arc–as opposed to a criticism of your past self–allows your fragile ego to embrace the change as part of its story.